She is an "Artist" , you know...

21 Jun

Creatives are led by their passion. They work mainly based on their instinct. They are admired and loved for their commitment and philanthropic vocation. They are seen as free souls who dared to follow their gut rather than deciding to “abdicate” to the system. Both within the creative community and in the society, their vocation is perceived as one of poor living and working conditions, of sacrifices and reduced financial means.

This omnipresent dogma leads to many Creatives not achieving comfortable, or even decent, working and living conditions. The talent they cultivate during years of hard work, in many cases, only results in unfair working conditions, complex economic situations and even health complications. Creatives are often marginalised and end up needing social and financial support from public institutions.

So we encourage Creatives to take responsibility of their future through guided consulting sessions in studio visits, online training and the networking we are building in order to overcome all these problems. Also, we have being working and researching for the best tools, methodologies and techniques to enhance the relationship between creative talents and the pursue of customers to start making money in their own terms and conditions through Win - Win deals.

All these processes are investments for the future and learning experiences of the present that we have been collecting, digitising and relating to existing platforms and consolidated professionals of the sector willing to support the new generations of emerging artists. This is the first publication we do in the name of this Social Cause that we are defending in order to start a new way of dealing with our professional behavior, passion and goals for the future as creatives.

Finally, it is up to all of us in the cultural, artistic and creative sector to be aware of the dangers we face in a daily basis and start generating different initiatives to make our work as valuable and profitable like the other sectors and professional fields, it is a starting point for us and we are very happy to count with your support.