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We work with you to find the best option to bring works of art into your building, office, or home.

Rent Paintings

Our rental option allows you to have a different set of artwork in your space each season. A monthly fee is determined based on the amount of pieces, and we offer special prices for members and current customers.


Buy Limited Copies

By offering copies of artwork in sizes specifically tailored to the unique requirements of your space, we relieve many of the logistical challenges of production, assembly, and installation.


Purchase Originals

We offer original works of art in the range of 100 - 500 CHF/EU/USD as the keystone of your art collection. This is a great first step to enter in the amazing world of art ownership while also supporting artists.



New Works of Art


The conscience of art is more than talent a vocation requiring well-paid professionals

Moises Morales

His work represents that imperceptible relation between humanity and its environment, in how the man hand applies an influence in its daily actions that transform our environment constantly.


Miler Ramirez

His work has two faces, a surface painted with fluorescent acrylic and another as a natural light. It produces a magical effect making his paintings a visual experience when turning on the ultraviolet light to reveal the secret.


Mauricio Vega

His work is based on the research of diverse types of materials that have a role in certain rituals such as Bahareque, Panela or resins and their potential role in artistic speeches that can approach political issues.


Benefits for Art Enthusiasts

The wish to enjoy the works of art while supporting fair deals for artists

Price Calculation

Artwork prices defined, calculated and offered with a win-win philosophy.

Fair Deals

Work with artists in a one on one relationship, defining the terms and conditions of the purchase of their artworks.

Studio Visits

Organized visits to the workspaces of the artists, where you can observe their processes first hand.

Learning Tools

Methodologies and spaces for learning to appreciate works of art and art practices.

Benefits for Artists

The pursuit of earning a regular income while providing high-quality works of art

Fair Deals

Making a living from what you love while working under fair conditions.

Price Calculation

Techniques to define, calculate and offer your artwork at win-win prices.

Learning Tools

Methodologies and spaces to work with customers on your own terms.

Studio Improvement

Assistance in preparing your workspace for successful interactions with potential buyers.


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